This website (based on is just a demo for a script that adds an inline mp3 playing button to every link in a webpage that points to an mp3 file. Just include the following three lines in the <head> section of your webpage:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Optional: To style the background color of the mp3 buttons in the idle, playing, and paused states, modify the following CSS code and paste it into the <style> section of your HTML:
span a.sm2_button,
span a.sm2_button.sm2_paused:hover {
 background-color: #000000;
span a.sm2_button:hover,
span a.sm2_button.sm2_playing,
span a.sm2_button.sm2_playing:hover {
span a.sm2_button.sm2_paused,
span a.sm2_button.sm2_paused:hover {
Optional: The arrow in the mp3 button is white by default. To make it black, copy and paste the following CSS code to into the <style> section of your HTML:
span a.sm2_button,
span a.sm2_button.sm2_paused:hover {
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This drop-in replacement for Yahoo Media Player (Yahoo Web Player) is powered by jquery and soundmanager2. The files are hosted on Google Drive and will be operative as long as Google Drive is. You could download the css, js, and image files and install them on your own server in case Google discontinues service.

Bootie Top 10 – August 2013

Posted in Mashup Downloads, Top10 on August 1st, 2013 by Adrian

As you’ve probably noticed, the little Yahoo Media Player we’ve been using as an embedded MP3 player on this web site unfortunately no longer works. In fact, it’s completely gone, due to the fact that Yahoo discontinued its support. We’ve been searching for a suitable — and easy-to-implement — replacement, but it’s been difficult finding something as elegantly simple as that Yahoo player  (the whole thing worked with one invisible line of code pasted to the top of each web page that contained MP3s).

If anyone has any ideas for a decent MP3 player replacement, please email us and let us know! We were just about to launch our newly re-designed web site, but the whole thing was built around having this player. DOH! So now we can’t launch until we find something decent to replace it. (And please don’t say Soundcloud, unless you want half of these mashups to end up being “unavailable” due to copyright issues.)

In the meantime, please enjoy this month’s fresh new Top 10!

CLICK HERE to download this month’s Top 10 in one convenient ZIP file.
Or right-click each track name to download individually.

DJ Earworm – SummerMash ’13 – San Francisco

DJs From Mars – New Year’s Clarity Troll (Zedd ft. Foxes vs. U2 vs. Qulinez) – Italy

MadMixMustang – Blurred Honky Tonk Women (Rolling Stones vs. Robin Thicke) – Netherlands
MadMixMustang – Get Lucky Star (Madonna vs. Daft Punk) – Netherlands

Mashd ‘N Kutcher – P.T.Y.D. (Party ‘Til You Die) – Australia

MashMike - Wake Up, Mary! (Avicii vs. CCR vs. Tina Turner) – Germany

Mashup-Germany – Sweet Monster Of Mine (Of Monsters And Men vs. Guns ‘n Roses vs. Snow Patrol vs. Alex Wynn vs. Michael Jackson vs. Village People vs. Tokio Hotel vs. Backstreet Boys) – Frankfurt, Germany

Shahar Varshal - Can’t Hold The Fire (Billy Joel vs. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton) - Israel

DJ Ryson – Midnight Time Wonder (M83 vs. Imagine Dragons vs. Maroon 5) – Malaysia
DJ Schmolli – Never Hold Back Hooligans In Heaven From Goin’ In (The Cure vs. Major Look vs. Don Diablo ft. Example vs. Birdy Nam Nam vs. Wax) – Vienna, Austria

Click here to download full “Mash Of Titans 2″ mashup album